• Potty Talk and a Lesson on Reading Labels

    A common complaint when embarking on a ketogenic style is loose stool.  There are several reasons why this may occur, from not taking in enough fluids, to not consuming enough fiber, to an inability to digest large amounts of fat. When it happened to me, I asked my doctor what I could do to stop »more

  • My Macronutrient Goals

      Calculating your macronutrient requirements for a ketogenic diet can seem daunting, but there is a great website, the Keto Diet Blog, that has a great calculator.  You can find it here. I plugged in my information and came up with the following calculations: I am going for maximum weight loss, so while keto-adapting, my »more

  • My Ketogenic Diet

      This is my second attempt at the ideal, fat-burning, ketogenic diet FOR LIFE!  If you’re wondering what a ketogenic diet is, it is basically a low-carb diet on steroids!  Ketogenic diets tend to be ultra-low in carbs, moderate in protein, and high in fat. My first attempt resulted in weight gain, as I was »more

  • “Overnight” Clarified Butter (AKA “Ghee”) in a Slow-Cooker

    What is clarified butter?  It is simply butter, minus the water and milk solids.  Some people call clarified butter, “ghee” (as do I, since it’s easier to say than “clarified butter”), but ghee, traditionally used in Indian cooking, is a clarified fermented milk product. When ordinary butter is clarified, the resulting product has higher smoke »more

  • Dog Medicine Reminder

    If I have to treat my dog for something (in this latest case, an ear infection) once or twice a day, I just put the container of medicine in the dog food container.  It seems I am quite capable of feeding my dog twice a day, but I often forget to medicate!  Unless the medicine »more

  • DIY Halloween Art

    Thanks to sites like The Graphics Fairy, creating art for your home is affordable and customizable.   Take, for example, my four new “Halloween” pictures… Yesterday, while waiting for a hair appointment, I was at Hobby Lobby, just looking around and killing time.  I had been eyeing four frames there for some time, but I »more