DIY Halloween Art

Thanks to sites like The Graphics Fairy, creating art for your home is affordable and customizable.   Take, for example, my four new “Halloween” pictures…

Halloween 2013 5

Yesterday, while waiting for a hair appointment, I was at Hobby Lobby, just looking around and killing time.  I had been eyeing four frames there for some time, but I had no use for them.   I also wasn’t considering them so much for framed art due to their size (8″ x 10″ photographs), or for using them on my walls, either. So, I just kept admiring their color and texture, never buying them.  So, when I walked by them yesterday, it struck me that I could use them on the walls.  For Halloween.  But, not JUST for Halloween…I could put different prints in them whenever I want!  I picked up the four, then I bought some linen-textured paper, as well as a metallic paper that co-ordinated  well with them, and then hurried to my appointment.

When I arrived home, I chose four crow/blackbird-type prints, two left-facing, and two right-facing, from The Graphics Fairy:









It costs about $1.00 per sheet, but it works quite well.  The reason I didn’t print the images directly onto my cream paper was because it has a very pronounced, coarse, linen-like texture, which wouldn’t have been the best substrate to print on.  Unfortunately, while I was working on them, I accidentally broke the glass in one of the frames.  I haven’t gone out to buy a replacement piece of glass, but it really isn’t all that necessary, as the plastic provides a perfect, temporary glazing (although, I will get some glass within the next couple of days because, unlike glass, there really is no support for the image parts).

You don’t really need a tutorial to print an image to frame, but I will go ahead and provide the dimensions and process.  Sometimes, I see things on the internet and I want to duplicate it NOW!  I don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel.  Just give me the quick and dirty details.  And, here they are:

Materials and Supplies:

8″ x 10″ Frames, 4 each (I am not including the price of the frames in this project, since these will be reused throughout the year), 4 each.

Halloween 2013 2 003

Papers:  Bronze Crinkle metallic paper ($1.99, on sale for 1/2 price), 4 each.

Halloween 2013 2 010

Cream Linen Paper, 4 each.

Halloween 2013 2 016

Transparency Film for Inkjet Printers ($1.00), 4 each.


Paper cutting tools

Double-sided tape (I used repositionable tape, in case I goofed)



1.  Resize, if necessary, and print the images onto the ROUGH SIDE of the transparency film.  (Hint:  Print each image on plain paper first, just to make sure everything is perfect).  I made sure the image was printed dead-center (vertically and horizontally) onto the film.  In order to get the birds to print-up into roughly the same sizes, I had to resize the images.  I only resized the height, maintaining the proportions, of the images as follows:

BB1:  Ht = 5.5″

BB2:  Ht = 6.5″

BB3:  Ht = 5.5″

BB4:  Ht = 7″

2.  Cut the metallic paper to 8″ x 10.”

3.  Cut the cream linen-textured paper to 6.5″ x 8″ (this is not proportional to the frame opening, but this was the background size that worked best with all of the images.  Use a plain piece of paper and “audition” sizes.  The transparency film makes it simple to do).

4.  Trim the transparency film down to 8″ x 10.”  This meant cutting 1/4″ off of each side, and 1/2″ off the top and bottom.

5.  Adhere the cream linen-textured paper to the center of the metallic paper (I just eye-balled the position) using the double-sided tape.

6.  Prepare the frame (i.e., clean the glass…CAREFULLY!!)

7.  Load the image into the frame (I chose to place the SMOOTH SIDE of the transparency film against the glass, which meant my images were really reversed from the originals).

8.  Load the papers, and then any fillers that came with the frame.  You may have to add foam core or cardboard to fill out the space and hold everything flat against the glass.

9.  Seal up the frame, and enjoy!

10.  Cost:  About $10, including tax.


Halloween 2013 10

Halloween 2013 9

Halloween 2013 3 001



  1. Edna October 26, 2013 1:08 pmReply

    Love your sweet pictures! Thank you for sharing…and where did you get that sweet skeleton, please???

    • Connie October 26, 2013 1:34 pmReply

      Thanks, Edna. The skeleton is “Mr. Bones” from Pottery Barn, and is no longer available. From a distance, it looks OK. But, in my opinion, it isn’t worth the $. It isn’t made well at all. They didn’t clean up any of the seams (from molding), the paint was just splotched on, and you cannot move his head. Again, from a distance it’s OK, but I was pretty disappointed when it arrived.

  2. Mary Epps-Welch October 26, 2013 2:48 pmReply

    What is the pumpkin sitting on?

    • Connie October 26, 2013 6:16 pmReply

      A book press.

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