My Ketogenic Diet


This is my second attempt at the ideal, fat-burning, ketogenic diet FOR LIFE!  If you’re wondering what a ketogenic diet is, it is basically a low-carb diet on steroids!  Ketogenic diets tend to be ultra-low in carbs, moderate in protein, and high in fat.

My first attempt resulted in weight gain, as I was following the “laissez faire” approach, where you eat the right proportion of macronutrients, but you do not worry about calories.  Big mistake!  This time around, I am pretty meticulous in keeping my calories in check, as well as my macros.  It requires discipline, but I can say it really pays off.  After three weeks, I am down 13.4 lbs.  Of course, most of the weight loss occurred during the first week, when all the excess water is shed, as is typical with most diets.

One other alteration to the ketogenic diet I made, that is not typical, is I eliminated all nuts (except a small amount of almond milk) and all dairy.  I think this helps, too.  I am really not sure when I will try to add them back, but I will not be in any hurry.

So, how do I feel consuming 1229 calories a day, consisting mostly of fat?  GREAT!!!!!  I have NO CRAVINGS and NO INTRACTABLE HUNGER!  It used to be that around 3:00 in the afternoon, I was ready to eat the walls of the house! Now, I eat dinner around 3:00, brush and floss my teeth, and I am absolutely fine until breakfast, which is around 9:00 a.m.

I do try to stay away from sweet substitutes, like desserts and sugar alcohols (which do not agree with me, anyway).  I use stevia powder (pure extract) in my espresso decaf but I haven’t really gotten into making a bunch of “fat bombs” to snack on, either.  I eat breakfast and dinner, with one small snack at noon (the snack really helps me take my noon supplements).  My snack could be a fat bomb, but I prefer something more savory, like deviled eggs, or half of a “Rocket Fuel Latte.”


I also gave up diet sodas.  Nothing like really diving into it!  I was a shameful diet Dr. Pepper junkie,  I knew it wasn’t good for me, but hey, it was an addiction!   Now, if I want something other than water, I brew some Rishi tea and pour it over ice.  Delicious!

How long is this going to last?  Well, I hope not only until I’ve lost all the weight I put on in the last two years from eating everything with abandon, but for the rest of my life.  First things first, however!  I’m only 24% of the way to my weight goal, so there’s still A LOT of work to do before I start talking about the “rest of my life!”


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