Potty Talk and a Lesson on Reading Labels

A common complaint when embarking on a ketogenic style is loose stool.  There are several reasons why this may occur, from not taking in enough fluids, to not consuming enough fiber, to an inability to digest large amounts of fat. When it happened to me, I asked my doctor what I could do to stop it.  He told me to start taking a bulk-forming laxative, like Konsyl, religiously.  Every night.  In addition, I could take Imodium A-D (the maximum amount he told me I could take was higher than what was listed on the package, but check with your doctor about the maximum for you before exceeding what is stated on the package).

So, off to Wally World I went.  I was pleased to see that they had a Konsyl Orange Flavor, “Balance,” and it was sugar- and gluten-free.  It was sweetened with Stevia, and contains both natural and artificial flavorings.


I happily chucked it in my cart and continued shopping.  That night, I mixed it up, and it really did not taste bad at all.  Plus, it didn’t have an objectionable texture.  After a few days, I did what I should have done when I first picked it up off the shelf at the store:  I read the label.  Holy cow!  Just goes to show you can’t trust a really wholesome looking label!  Here it is:


So, right off the top, I really don’t have a problem with Inulin (it’s made from Chicory Root).  It’s safe for diabetics and is a pre-biotic.  Some people report increased gas when using it, but that’s not harmful (well, maybe to others, but not to you).  Next, the Psyllium-Hydrophilic Mucilloid (Husks)  is fine.  But, what is next, the Maltodextrin, is NOT.  The Glycemic Index (GI) for table sugar is 68.  For Maltodextrin, it has a range from 85 to 105.  Ugh!  As I tossed the “Balance,” into the garbage, I dreaded the thought of having to go out and buy something that might be the equivalent to drinking the contents of a spittoon every night.  Blehhhhh!

So, I went back to Wally World, and found the original product from Konsyl…the “Original” Konsyl:


Here is its list of ingredients:


That’s it!  Yay!

Not so fast!  How is this going down the gullet, or will it even go down?  I put my teaspoonful of Konsyl in an empty water bottle and added 8 oz of cold water.  I capped it and shook it well.  Although it was a little lumpy (from the cold water?), it was totally doable.  The next night, I added some Stur flavoring to it.  Even better!  The next night, I added carbonated water (from my SodaStream) and flavoring.  Not bad at all!  Is it helping?  Too early to say, but I am hopeful!


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