About Me


I am the quintessential female version of a “Jack of all Trades, Master of None.”  Even though I am a “girl,” I am as comfortable using a table saw as I am a sewing machine.  If you think I have any special licenses or formal education that would qualify me to use such tools and equipment, you would be wrong.  In fact, sometimes I think I shouldn’t even be allowed to handle a nail clipper!  Even though I am self-taught, I concentrate on safety at all times.

Mistress of None” sounds a little dark and dangerous all by itself.  Sure, any of the tools and equipment I use can cause serious injury, and even death.  But if you didn’t already know what this site is about, you might think that “Mistress of None” is about a dominatrix who has no one to “dominate.”  Or, a high priestess of a one-person coven!   I am not judging, but the truth is, I own no tools of bondage or sadism, caldrons, spellbooks, etc.  This is a site simply about a woman, a bunch of tools, and too-little time!

In addition to projects, I also will throw in posts regarding daily living, such as recipes and tips & tricks.



“Mistress of None”